Ransom Keeper

Prevent damage from ransomware using Ransom keeper

Ransom Keeper

“Ransomware that suddenly makes all files unusable, Prevent such damage thoroughly through the action-based engine provided by Ransom keeper"

- Ransom keeper provides an immediate response through data modification detection, even if modified ransomware is in place.
- Low resource utilization as a basic feature; prevents damage for a cost lower than other alternatives, such as backup

"Over 13,000 cases blocked daily, on average, new and modified versions emerging every day Intelligent prevention of malicious attempts "

Alpha Secure Ransomkeeper is a ransomware damage prevention solution, which can prevent data losses resulting from ransomware infection by detecting file modifications from unauthorized processes.

Product Highlights



Ransom keeper can respond immediately through data modification detection, even if modified ransomware is active.



Ransom keeper implements the best information security environment through simultaneous use with information security solutions (optional).



Ransom keeper prevents damage from ransomware with low resource utilization and cost.

Behavior and content based profiling: ABC-P engine
3-level authentication and blocking
Real-time exception processing and powerful backup


- Organizations considering actions against cyber threats such as ransomware
- Organizations such as finance/defense that have implemented network separation but require security against needs-based network interconnection and external files.

Key Features

Ransom keeper features an ABC-P (Aware of Behavior and Contents-Based Profiling: ABC-P) engine with profiling technology applied based on behavior and situational awareness to preemptively block new ransomware versions emerging in real-time.


How it operates


The ABC-P engine

Ransom keeper incorporates accumulated activity situation sensing/profiling engine technology that creates profiles per process by identifying and learning the activities of cumulatively generated processes and situations at the relevant point to detect ransomware activities in advance.