SPK Solution

Maximizing convenience and effective management while not impairing task efficiency

Private information protection(SPK) Solution

"Unconditional control and restrictions for complying with the law can't be a realistic answer."
"Another requirement! Search and action on private information inside image files is required."

- Consolidated security solution for preventing the leakage of private information and documents.
- Now protecting even generic documents and image files! Media control for preventing any leakage of important information.


Media control


Private information protection


Document security


Network service control


Output control

Product Highlights


Prevention of major information leakage and the expansion of document security

By detecting the private information managed on private PCs, not only are the relevant files encrypted, but encryption is applied during creation, controlling the editing and use of all major files in the organization to prevent external leakage without the organization's consent in advance.



Real time detection and management of personal information

SPK detects personal information in real time when a file is modified, moved, created, or when an external device is connected to a business environment.



Extracting personal information inside image files

Personal information inside an image file is also extracted to prevent the leakage of personal information. Technology has been incorporated to significantly improve accuracy by adding a continuous image pattern and applying automatic pattern recognition.


Encrypting and deleting personal information

Searches personal information managed poorly by the PC; encrypts and deletes private information for encryption and deletion so that an unauthorized person is proactively blocked from unauthorized use of and access to personal info.


Key Features


Dash Board

- Various statistics can be checked on a daily/weekly/monthly basis on the dynamic UI (dashboard)'s initial screen together with information.

- Security status inside the organization.

Policy Setting

- Efficient management enabled through differentiated policy settings.

System Control

- PC security within an organization is enhanced by setting password length/expiration period/screensavers.

- Setting per entire organization/per department/per user is possible.

Test / Detection

- Efficient management enabled through differentiated policy settings.

- Policy setting according to whether users access personal information.

- Provides inspection/detection list download functionality.


- Checks client installation and service status.

- System status list, and server system information.

Status Management

- Security status information such as tree structure-based organization management, inspection/detection status management, statistics, reports etc. can be checked in an intuitive manner.

Statistics Report

- Provides statistics in a graph form.

- Reports list download functionality.

Decryption Approval

- Assigns an approver on encrypted documents to control decryption rights in order to strengthen safety against the leakage of major documents.


File test

Test of generic text documents (hwp, xls, ppt, doc) and image files (jpg, bmp, tif, gif, etc.)

Inspection result

Detected personal information and detailed information per file can be checked.

System settings

User sets pattern addition and scheduled inspections, etc.

Index functionality

Inspected files have index information so that just an index inspection is performed upon re-inspection to provide high testing speeds.

Real time sensing

SPK detects personal information in real time upon file modification, moving, creation and connection of external devices.

Monthly statistics

Provides monthly statistics reports and checks detection results and action details.

Decryption approval

Decryption according to proper procedures for external circulation and exchange.

Document security
(leakage prevention)

Effectively prevents external leakages, either intentional or accidental.